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Old Well Labs (OWL) Announces Series A Funding Led by Nellore Capital

Charlotte, NC – Old Well Labs (OWL), the leading software platform for finding and monitoring investment managers and allocators, today announced a Series A funding round led by Nellore Capital. Notable investors include Ted Seides (Founder of Capital Allocators), Mike and Tom Elnick (Co-Founders of Tegus), Shubham Goel (Founder of Affinity), Brian Bares (Founder of Bares Capital Management), and several other prominent fund managers and endowment CIOs.

“OWL is the platform I wished existed during my career as an endowment allocator and fund manager,” said Campbell Wilson, CEO and Founder of OWL. “We started OWL to solve the difficulty of tracking all information about managers and allocators that, while available, would take thousands of hours to gather even a small fraction of manually.”

OWL collects and organizes data from thousands of sources across 60+ countries using modern AI and web scraping tools, helping investment managers and allocators find and monitor other participants in the ecosystem. Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms generate in-depth profiles of over 10,000 investment firms, providing insights into holdings, performance, business metrics, and team changes.

“OWL offers the most comprehensive and insightful look at publicly available data about managers and allocators I have seen in my career. OWL’s breadth of data around holdings, performance, business information, and people tracking creates an unparalleled diligence package for allocators and managers seeking to learn more about each other. It’s also the first tool I’ve found helpful for researching podcast guests,” said Ted Seides.

OWL is led by Campbell Wilson, Zak May, and Megan White. After years of building the software for the team’s own use, OWL’s initial customers include Makena Capital, Hall Capital, Global Endowment Management, and several of the largest university investment offices in the U.S.

“The team at Makena is proud to be an early OWL customer. OWL saves us time, provides unique and valuable data, and makes it easier for our team to source and monitor managers,” said Jackson Garton, Co-Chief Investment Officer of Makena Capital.

“No other software or data product is close to OWL when it comes to real-time insights about our investment partners,” said Matt Libel, Principal at Global Endowment Management.

The Series A funding will accelerate platform development and support the growth of OWL’s Charlotte-based team, which includes alumni from Duke Management Company, Goldman Sachs, Bain, and various tech start-ups. Open positions can be seen on OWL’s career page: https://www.oldwell-labs.com/careers.

About Old Well Labs (OWL)

OWL is the leading software platform for finding and monitoring investment managers and allocators. Built by a team of former allocators with experience at hedge funds and tech start-ups, OWL provides unparalleled insights into the strategies and activities of the key players across the global investment industry. For more information, visit https://www.oldwell-labs.com.


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